Special Box

We tailored made special boxes according to your needs. Boxes can be in any shape that you desired. A special box design makes your product stand out from others and creating difference.

If you are looking for luxury feel paper box, we would like to introduce these new material to you.
These papers have changed the revolution of conventional paper.
LUXE Paper:
LUXE Paper combines the luxurious feel of suede leather and the rich appearance of fine velvet.
Galaxy Paper:
This plastic-like paper is made of natural, environmental friendly material, which has “rubber” feel on the surface as similar product “velvet” or “skin” paper.
Cloth Paper:
It is environmental friendly book binding clothes with rich colors and nice quality.
FEP Paper:
It added a touch of exclusivity to your packaging, be it for paper bag or paper box. Your packaging can now be felt and touch by your customer.